Coming to you live ……

It’s your girl Busayo, also known as ‘Bussie’ and you are now tuned in to my world tour. I’m so excited to have you here 🙂

Few facts about moi:

    • I’m a Brooklyn, New York native, Nigerian created.
    • Hospital administrator by profession. #Boss
    • A lover of Christ
    • A FOODIE !

‘Bussie World Tour’ is a term I coined in 2013 to conceptualize my rapid growing love for travel and all things related. Creating this blog has certainly been on my radar for a while now but just never seemed to manifest itself. I guess life can do that sometimes. I’ve been inspired by so many friends and creatives to share my travel experiences and spontaneous explorations. I’ve been sharing various moments visually through my Instagram (@bussssie) for a couple of years but I think it’s time I stepped it up a notch.

Globetrotting is undeniably a lifestyle. A lifestyle inspired by the many travel enthusiasts around the world.Through my travels, I’ve gained wisdom, become more passionate, and most importantly, my life has been more colorful! No matter how near or far my trips take me, I gain something quite priceless. A fresh, sweet memory that I will cherish forever.

I’m thrilled, to not only share my experiences but to trade stories and interact with the world. I hope to encourage you to take that long awaited trip and create richer experiences. I’m here to provide you with as many tips, tricks and planning hacks to make the process as easy as 1,2,3. It’s time for your travel life to flourish!

I’ve been truly blessed to experience the beauty of the world with my own eyes !

So if you’re ever having second thoughts, ask yourself “If not now, when?”

To wrap up, I challenge you to:

– Find some beautiful places to get lost in , whether it’s down the street or a time-zone away.

– Create memories that will envoke nostalgia.

– Start a bucket list. (For those of you who already have one, start checking items off)

– Stop being satisfied loving vicariously through others. Go and see for yourself.

Till next time,

Bussie xoxo


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